Vanessa Heckman

We have two rambunctious canines,
appropriately named Wedgie and Noogie.

Hi, I'm Vanessa.

I have a bachelors in graphic design and a passion to make beautiful things.

Vanessa Heckman

Who I am.

a wife.
a crafter.
a drawer.
a photographer.
a collecter.
a creater.
a mess maker.
a dreamer.
a fisher.
a hugger.
a planner.
a forgiver.
a lover.

True story.

Stuff will never make you
truely happy.

If you do what you love,
money will follow.

Time goes way too fast.

Don’t let your feelings take
control of your life.

Get rid of the clutter.

Overracting = unnecessary.

Your dog really does know
what your saying.

What I love.

dark chocolate.
morning sun.
animals of all kinds.
giving gifts.
anything outdoors.
black shirts.
random laughs.
snail mail, minus bills.
a little more country.
freshly brushed teeth.
pulling a good weed.
my scrammbled notebook.
simple solutions.